We are a full service general contractor, licensed and insured with over 30 years of experience in New York. With a team of Architects, Designers and Engineers, we are able to provide Apartment Renovations, Landmark Restorations, Historic Restorations, as well as contractor services on Brownstones, Windows, Façades, Stoops, Historic Windows and more.

Larry Burda, Sr.
Larry is a graduate of the College of Design and Construction of the University of Bratislava, Slovak Republic. He served as a Project Manager for various high-rise housing developments in Stuttgart, Germany, before arriving to the United States. He was employed as an Architectural Designer and Field Supervisor by the New York Architectural firm of Tudda, Scherer & Zborowski prior to founding Burda Construction Corp. in 1982.

Jacek Scibor
Jack is a graduate of University of Krakow, Poland with a degree in Civil Engineering. Before arriving to United States, he worked as an Estimating Manager in Poland. Jack has been with Burda Construction since 1988.

Larry Burda, Jr.
Larry Jr., is a graduate of Syracuse University and NYU’s Real Estate Institute with degrees in Finance, Economics and a Masters in Real Estate Development. He has been with Burda Construction since 1996.

Yveta Burda, Owner
Yveta received a degree in Economics in the Czech Republic. She graduated from Saint Francis College in Brooklyn, NY with degrees in Accounting and Business Management. Yveta has been with Burda Construction since 1994.

Monika Maidhof
Monika received a Bachelor of Science from Binghamton University and a Business Management Certificate from New York University. Monika joined Burda Construction full time in 2007.

Lou Biedrawa
Lou received a degree in Engineering Technology in the Czech Republic and has worked as a project manager in the construction field since 1997. He joined the Burda Construction team in 2012.

Miriam Nolan
Miriam has been assisting with all office operations and keeping us sane since 2013. She earned a degree in Economics in Slovakia.